Arizona Singles Carnival Cruise

Arizona Singles Carnival Cruise

Who wants to go on a cruise?? I know I would.  So… Let’s Make it Happen!!!

I have done the research for a Carnival Cruise out of Long Beach. The cruise will be 5 Days.  It will cost approximately $600 (depending on Transportation to LA, and type of cabin you want.) The price could be lower, right now I’m just trying to generate interest.

A $25 Deposit will be due June 31, 2019

A $100 Deposit will be due Feb 2020

And the remainder of the trip will be due 5 April 2020

The dates are 06/07/2020 to 06/11/2020 Giving you plenty of time.

The cruise will go from Long Beach To Ensenada To Catalina Island to Longbeach.  

The Itinerary:

If you are interested in going on this cruise please get a FREE ticket indicating interest, and I will gather up the details.

Any questions??? Details To Follow