CSULB Social Entrepreneurship Workshop Series

CSULB Social Entrepreneurship Workshop Series

Be a social entrepreneur and lead a social initiative! You will be required to formulate a solution plan to a problem in society that disturbs you, and to implement it in the field. You will study Social Entrepreneurship through the lens of Israeli Innovation, and you will receive one-on-one guidance during the process.

Join us for this 7 week workshop on campus at VEC 401.  If you are not familiar with campus, review the campus map for location details.

In a poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation of almost 900 social enterprise experts in the world’s 45 biggest economies, Israel was ranked the 5th best country to be a Social Entrepreneur. The poll also highlights the humanitarian startups coming out of Israel. Why is Israel ranked so high?

Giving is a primary core value of the Israeli education and culture, where children are encouraged from a young age to become entrepreneurs who will help to create a “moral and just” society. The Israeli entrepreneur is known to be a broadminded, problem-solving person who tends to think out of the box, thanks to the unique environment, culture, and the Israeli Chutzpa that makes them strategic and fearless.

This course is designed to make social entrepreneurship accessible as an important value that can be applied in life, even during a busy routine of studies and other obligations, by implementing the whole process of creating a new social entrepreneurship from the first step of defining needs and choosing an idea, to the moment that it works and affects the society.

About the Instructors:

Shir Horovitz has finished her B.A in business management while also serving as a commander and a first Lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Force at the Behavioral Science and Organizational consultant department. Ally Levine has finished her undergraduate degree in education and has her teaching certificate, and taught abroad in Israel for one academic year, experienced the Israeli culture and the Israeli education system.


During this course, students will be exposed to social initiatives of Israelis in various fields. Participants will learn from the processes these entrepreneurs went through to reach success. In addition, students will learn various management tools and skills that will help them in their own process.

Activities: Participants will submit progress reports throughout the course, and earn a certificate based on the progress made, in-class activities, two presentations and your final initiative.

Participants will:

  1. Use different skills to identify and describe issues and problems within their own and other communities.

  2. Identify what determines action is needed in a community.

  3. Stimulate problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

  4. Get skills to participate in and lead social activities within their own and other communities.

  5. Get hands on opportunities to implement entrepreneurship and project management skills.

  6. Understand that they can contribute to society even during a busy routine of studies and other obligations – enhanced time management skills.

Questions about the program please contact, Shir.Horovitz@csulb.edu.