Dream, Plan, Launch – Essentials to Starting your Business – 5/11/19

Dream, Plan, Launch – Essentials to Starting your Business – 5/11/19

Starting a business can be overwhelming!  Business has changed and so has the planning process.  Let us teach you the secrets to launching quickly and successfully mapping your business’ needs and opportunities.  Here’s what you will learn.

  • Understanding the different licenses and regulations

  • The components needed for creating a viable business model

  • How to calculate your basic start-up costs, expense budget & sales projections

  • Understanding your pricing, costing (COGS) and the differences between revenue and profit

  • How to identify your target customer and how do you get them to buy from you

  • How to identify and leverage your competition 

  • How to establish your business entity 


Karie Armstrong has more than 25 years of experience helping retailers, service providers, restaurants and entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their businesses in a wide variety of retail environments and markets. Her extensive back ground stems from shopping center management, marketing & development, as well as retail operations and manufacturing. Karie has served on various Economic Development Advisory Committees and Chambers of Commerce during her career. She has been a SBDC Consultant throughout the Orange County/Inland Empire, Long Beach and San Diego areas for seven years and counting.


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