Flowers & Seafood

Flowers & Seafood

Hang loose N’ Freely Medicate w/ BYOB

At BYOB we believe in creating a safe and fun environment to socially consume Flowers. The GREEN RUSH is here! We are here to bring you incredible food paired with top shelf Flowers. Come and join us for our eat and chief events.

Mussels & Pearls :

We are a family operated business specializing in grilling unique seafood. Originated from backyard BBQs and family gatherings.  Our blend of spices and toppings are made from scratch and derived from New Orleans style-southern seafood. We charcoal grill and shuck our oysters to order, to retain the freshness and quality of our food. We strive to give you a unique and vibrant style of seafood that can’t be experienced anywhere else! Even for those who haven’t tried grilled oysters or mussels we guarantee you will enjoy! Let us bring you on a new experience that will open your tastebuds.

Event Food Menu :

Garlic Fried Rice

-Jasmine rice seasoned with sautéed garlic and topped with a fried egg. 


-Fried and seasoned with traditional Filipino spices

Fried egg roll “Lumpia”

-Ground beef hand rolled inside a egg-based wrapper

Cajun Prawns

-Prawns sauteed in butter with Cajun spices

Filipino Sausage “Longanisa”

-Pork sausage fried and sautéed with garlic

BBQ Chicken Skewers

-Fire grilled chicken breasts on bbq skewers

Fried Chicken Skin

-Lightly battered deep fried chicken skin

Charcoal grilled Pacific Oysters & New Zealand Green Mussels

-Infused with a garlic herb butter and topped with a parmesan blend.

Sauces :
Boujee – roasted garlic aioli with herbs

Badd – Thai inspired hot sauce topped with crispy onions

Aji – Peruvian sauce made with roasted peppers, onions, lime, and cilantro.

Dessert : 

Ube Crinkle Pizzookie

-Ube flavored crinkle cookie drizzled with powdered sugar and topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream  

All attendentants will receive an exclusive BYOB Goodie Bag!!!