FREE 7 day ‘New Year, New You’ Challenge ‘Happy New You!’

FREE 7 day ‘New Year, New You’ Challenge ‘Happy New You!’

Happy New You!

Free 7 day ‘New Year, New You’ Challenge.

A fresh year gives you the opportunity to make resolutions that will make your life happier in the upcoming year. The plans you make for the next year matter, so you’ll want to carefully consider your resolutions. 

It is a great time to implement change and personal growth by setting goals that you want to achieve throughout the upcoming year. Some resolutions are well worth setting, because they can contribute greatly toward helping you live the life you desire and they’re attainable without any unrealistic expectations. 

It’s admirable to make real efforts to improve yourself. Yet, for many, making it past February 1st with your resolution intact just doesn’t happen.   Despite the fact that more New Year’s resolutions are broken each year than any other goal, we still look forward to opening that brand new calendar and imagining the possibilities that lie ahead for the New Year.   

Because of this, we have put together this FREE 7 Day ‘New Year, New You’ Challenge, to make 2019 different!  We care about seeing others succeed and hearing success stories and want everyone to have a kick start to the New Year.  

Day 1 – How to make meaningful changes to your life

Day 2 – What is your life purpose?

Day 3 – Finding you!

Day 4 – Creating a SMART Goal

Day 5 – Staying on track

Day 6 – Creating positive habits

Day 7 – Moving forward

To join this FREE training, please click on the link below to join our FREE Facebook group, where we will deliver the training starting Wednesday 2nd January 2019 until Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Here’s to a Happy New You!

Maz & Jo