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HOUSTON — When it comes to fiction writers, often the hardest part, other than the actual writing, outlining, editing, and revising, is finding that niche or hook that captures an audience, and ultimately creates a strong fan base.

But one local fiction writer may have created a whole new genre for a different and untapped kind of fan base.

Houstonian Susannah Nix, who according to her bio, lives with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull, writes romantic comedies for nerdier readers. In fact, many of the main characters in her books are literal brainiacs who all work in STEM fields.

“There are millions of romances in the world, and I was trying to kind of identify an underserved market, and write the kind of books that people I knew would want to read,” Nix told Patch.

Nix said she has a lot of friends who work in STEM fields, and crafted some of the characters in her online books, which are published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

The books have titles such as “Advanced Physical Chemistry” or “Remedial Rocket Science,” and appeal to those so-called geeky women who are into the cult Sci-Fi classics of Star Wars, video games, and comic books, Nix said.

“You just don’t see a lot of women like these in romance novels, so I thought I’d try writing stories about women like the women I know” she said.

The characters are modeled after her friends, based on the jobs her friends have. Nix said she will change characteristics to ensure they are original.

Nix, who was a stay at home mom for 18-years, has always written in her spare time. When her kids got older she increased her writing, but it was not until her daughter left for college that she considered publishing.

Nix eventually heard about Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing and has so far published four eBooks through Amazon, and in 2016, she published her first book.

In 2007, Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to make it easier for authors to fulfill their dreams. KDP offers a free, easy, and fast way to self-publish eBooks and paperbacks. With KDP, the power of publishing is accessible to authors worldwide, allowing a more robust and diverse set of voices to share stories with a wider audience than ever before.


  • Keep Control: Authors maintain creative control, retain their rights and set their own prices.
  • Get to Market Fast: Authors can set up their books in minutes, and it will appear on Kindle stores worldwide.
  • Make More Money: Authors can earn industry-leading royalty on sales, up to 70%.
  • Reach More Readers: Authors can publish eBooks and paperbacks, distribute them in multiple languages, and access free tools and services to find their readers.

Impact and Reach

  • Hundreds of thousands of authors have self-published on KDP.
  • In 2017, independent publishers and authors earned more than $220 million in royalties from their participation in Kindle Unlimited alone.
  • In fact, in 2017 thousands of independent authors earned more than $50k, with more than a thousand surpassing $100k in royalties.

Nix said it usually takes about 3-4 months to write a book, before it is sent to her editor, and eventually sent to Amazon to be published.

Nix also has a news letter, and communicates with some of her fans through social media, she said. You can find her published work here.

To learn more about self publishing with KDP, click here.

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Image: Susannah Nix

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