June Bold Talks

June Bold Talks

Bold Talks is a monthly get-together for trauma survivors (domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc.) and their families, friends, and significant others.  We are here to provide support to you (the survivor) AND those that support you.  Bold Talks is all about bringing you empowering resources to help you heal, bring clarity, relief, peace, and love as you navigate the healing journey. 

Each month we are hosted by a new location, each of whom has their own personal connection to the healing journey that they will share. Bold Talks creates a safe and comforting environment, free from judgment. We will sit together, talk about the topic of the month, its importance, and how it affects us individually. We will then finish with a powerful exercise designed to help you integrate and process what was discussed.  

Bold Talks is all about bringing you powerful resources, connecting you with other souls who can empathize with what you may be feeling, are on the path to healing.

Bold Talks was created by Anel Parra and Ariana Sanchez, both of whom are survivors! We are so excited to bring you this powerful series – coming to a city near you! 

Next Bold Talk: June 27, 2019, Oxnard, CA

This month we will continue our healing journey by focusing on

  • How to provide support for someone who is a trauma survivor while taking care of yourself

  • Making grounding stones

Supporting those around us that have been affected by domestic violence can be very challenging, and even draining when we do not have the tools to manage. We want to be there for those around us, but we also need to ensure we are coming from a grounded space and coping ourselves. This month we will be sharing ways we can be supportive of those that are survivors of trauma. Whether you are a loved one or friend, you are welcome to join us in this powerful discussion. We will also be making grounding stones. When we are grounded, we not only make better decisions but we behave in ways that are more authentic and own our power and strength. A grounded person is one who is much more likely to remain calm in the face of chaos – you will leave with a physical reminder that you yourself have created.

This month’s Bold Talks will be hosted by Christina Brophy. Christina is the founder of The WE Network (The Women’s Empowerment Network), a non-profit organization providing free educational services to youth with ADD/ADHD, and free counseling services for victims of domestic violence and abuse. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Christina has found a passion within-a-passion in event production and the ability to help create connections, mentor women in business, and create events focusing on empowerment.

Through Christina’s various events, The Women’s Empowerment Expo, The Health and Wellness Expo, and through the support of business partnerships she is able to fund her programs and assist women and youth. Only in her second year of business, she has created partnerships with many brands, businesses, radio stations, media companies and continues to expand and grow. She is currently in the process of developing regional programs for her non-profit for women and youth. Christina is a woman of faith and has a heart for helping women and children. She enjoys encouraging entrepreneurs and is boldly walking in her purpose.

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