Kannabis Works Vegan Fair – 3/31

Kannabis Works Vegan Fair – 3/31

Join us for Kannabis Works Vegan Fair!! A family-friendly free event with food vendors, music, activities, and vegan vendor vouchers with every Kannabis Works store purchase!! Come check out your favorite pop-up vegan food & merch vendors!! Every Sunday from 11am-4pm.

Below is a list of all our featured vendors. Check the weekly flyer on IG @kwveganfair for each week’s vendor line-up.

Munchies (@munchies.oc)

Jade’s Vegan Sushi (@jadesvegansushi)

Chicana Vegana (@chicanaveganallc)

Eat Love (@_eat.love)

Malinalli Superfoods (@malinallisuperfoods)

Devi’s Donuts (@devisdonutsandsweets)

Vegan Tamale Co (@vegantamaleco)

Just Vegana (@justvegana)

Los Salviganos (@lossalviganos)

Drink Erva (@drinkerva)

Dee Vegan Munchies (@deeveganmunchies)

Vegana Casera (@veganacasera)

Enjoying Earth (@enjoying_earth)

Twin Gems (@twingems1155)

Ital Wellness (@ital_wellness)

Bodhi Shop (@thebodhishop)

Chompton (@chompton_)

Love Amaro Pizzeria (@loveamaropizzeria)

Yalla Hummus (@yallahummus)

Vegan Heaven (@veganheaven1)

Evolution Burger (@evolutionburger)

Jamaican Almond World (@jamaicanalmondoil)

Earth Nut Kitchen (@earthnutkitchen)

iapparel (@iapparel) 

NoHo Candle Co. (@nohocandleco)

Latina Vegana (@latinavegana)

Wrapped Energy (@wrappedenergy)

Vegancita (@vegancita)

Infinity Sauces (@infinity sauces)

Organic Ceramics (@organic_ceramics)

Unbelievable (@unbelieva_bowl)

Baked Vegan Sweets (@bakedvegansweets)

NoDoh (@nodohbrand)

Hood Brujas Kitchen (@hoodbrujaskitchen)

Veggie Fam (@veggiefam.la)

Native Sol (@nativesol)

Pooja’s Indian Cuisine (@yummytikkamasala)

Sweet Little Place (@thesweetlittleplace)

Kettle Corn King (@kettlecornking)

Man Eating Plant (@maneatingplantla)

Kingston Coffee (@kicgstoncoffeeco)

Snapea Stickers (@snapeastickers)

Ola Guey (@ola_guey)

Farm Fresh To You (@farmfreshtoyou)