Reiki Energy Healing Circle (Open to all)

Reiki Energy Healing Circle (Open to all)

Join us for an evening of
Sacred Rest, Rejuvenation, and Universal Healing.

We are at a time where healing is needed more than ever… healing within ourselves, our loved ones, our community and the planet.

To assist us, one of the greatest pathways to healing and global transformation lies in the power of community.

We need each other to support one another, to be there for each other, and thrive.

Our community circles are a place where we come together to feel, so we can heal.


If you’re new to Reiki, ever been curious about Reiki – energy healing or alternative medicine, and would like to be a part of our community to explore, learn and expand, please join us.


Reiki is an energy-based healing technique that is a pure and safe, non-invasive way to:

Strengthen the Flow of Energy – decreasing the effects of our everyday stresses.

Enhance Vitality – to reduce feeling energetically drained and physically exhausted.

Restore Balance – to help heal and move through life with greater clarity, compassion and grace.

* Open to all – no experience is necessary, just a loving heart with an openness to explore and help others.*


All our Reiki Shares, also known as Healing Circles, are free – donations are graciously accepted.

Blankets are welcomed.

Comfortable clothing is encouraged.

Only shoes will be removed.

Our Healing Circles are held inside Yogalution Movement yoga studio.

We will be sitting on blankets during discussion, standing for moving meditation exercises to open the body field, as well as ‘giving’ and receiving Reiki treatments while lying on a massage table or on the soft floor for Grounding Reiki.


6:00pm – 8:00pm


Yogalution Movement
3141 E Broadway,
Long Beach, CA 90803
(Entrance is around the back on Corto Way).


Our flyer


Thank you for your presence in our lives. May you have many wonderful days and magical nights 🙂

~ Angie Sierra