Simi Valley Chapter – The Divorce Transition Professionals 2.0 (December 13, 2018)

Simi Valley Chapter – The Divorce Transition Professionals 2.0 (December 13, 2018)

This Month’s Presentation

Hello and welcome to the DTP Simi Valley Chapter! My name is Cathy Svitek and I am very happy to invite you to visit us and learn more about this new chapter and how a membership in the DTP can build your business and associations.

Our guest speaker this month is Catherine Cooley, a communications coach specializing in the needs based method of conflict resolution.  Her topic will be, “Family Harmony for the Holidays in 4 Easy Steps” 

Be sure to register today by using the link below and I will see everyone on Thursday, December 13th!


This Month’s Speaker

Catherine Cooley

Tel: (415) 418-7241

Catherine Cooley is a communication coach, trained mediator, speaker and founder of Peaceabl. She has mediated for Conflict Solutions Center in small claims court cases in Santa Barbara County Superior Court. In her private practice she helps people repair both business team and family relationships and come to new agreements for moving forward with respect and cooperation. She has mastered a needs-based method of conflict resolution, based on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s internationally acclaimed model, facilitates Council Circles for women, communities and couples, and brings this work to prisons for Alternative to Violence Project 


 About Divorce Transition Professionals (DTP)

Why 2.0? Well, after 10 years it is time for a change. A change in location, a change in format and a change in the design. So, we’re bringing in a top-notch speaker, holding it in a top-notch location, providing all of the networking and business opportunity you could ask for with some of the best professionals in the community that specialize in working with people dealing with divorce. While this particular meeting may not have all of the following, we expect to provide continuing education, networking, study groups, break-out sessions, case consultations and more……

This event is completely free to all FIRST TIME attendees. It is an opportunity to find out what the Divorce Transition Professionals is all about, what it is about to become and how becoming a member will benefit you. So, if you are a professional in the divorce field i.e. Attorney, Accountant, Financial Professionals, CDFA, Mediator, Therapist, Realtor, Mortgage Broker etc…..please attend and check us out. There is nothing like us in the area currently.

DTP Simi Valley Chapter Leader

Cathy Svitek
Virtuity Financial Partners

Tel: (805) 338-1961


Cathy Svitek is a licensed financial professional with Virtuity Financial Partners.  She is building a team to provide clients the same compassionate, knowledgeable, in-depth solutions she enjoyed as a client herself. In addition to preparing tailored financial strategies, she writes and speaks for professionals serving clients going through the divorce process, for women facing life transition, and coaches young and transitioning professionals entering the financial services industry. 
In 2008 Cathy returned to Thousand Oaks, CA where she began raising her three young sons solo following 18 years abroad in Central Europe and South America where she taught English, studied culture and languages, and started her family.

DTP Founder

Neil Palache
The Wealth Creator Company For Women

Tel: (818) 606-7327

Neil Palache is dedicated to empowering women as is shown by his involvement in many community and business organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners Ventura County, Women’s Economic Ventures and the International Women’s Festivals Santa Barbara. He has also started several groups such as the Money Mastermind for Women™ and the Divorce Transition Professionals™. Neil has been married to Stacie since 1987, has three beautiful children and lives and works in Westlake Village, California.


 DTP Non-Profit of Choice


Center4SpecialNeeds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2011. It was established to provide resources, education, and offer a variety of supports for families who have children with special needs / developmental disabilities in Ventura County, California. Towards the end of 2016, we have updated our bylaws to include children ages 2-16 and young adults. Also, we expanded our outreach to not only cover Ventura County, but to cover Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Santa Barbara County. In addition, in the beginning of 2017, we will be providing direct services including social skills programs and social & educational opportunities for children and young adults.