Team Whitney’s Happy Hour – The Do’s and Don’ts of Owning a Property

Team Whitney’s Happy Hour – The Do’s and Don’ts of Owning a Property

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Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Review
It could never happen to me, or could it?  The Malibu fire destroyed more than 616 homes and other structures. Standard homeowners’ insurance policies provide coverage for disasters such as damage due to fire, lightning, hail, and explosions, and if the limit of your insurance policy is based on your mortgage (as some banks require), it may not adequately cover the cost of rebuilding. Our recommended State Farm Insurance Agent, Tom Hindman, will review your coverage at this event (regardless of the company it is from) and make sure it is sufficient coverage on your property in case of a disaster.

Proposition 60 or Proposition 90
Can I use Proposition 60 or Proposition 90 on my next real estate purchase?  Meet with our local title representative, Ronna Luna, to learn how to position yourself to take advantage of transferring the base year value of your current residence to your next property. 

Refinancing or Financing to Invest in Additional Real Estate
Is refinancing right for you?  Meet with one of our preferred lenders, Deborah Marcoux, well known as the “Mortgage Mom” on GoCountry 105 to discuss refinancing or financing for your next real estate investment purchase

Life Insurance Policy
Security is no accident.  Term life insurance is a very economical way to secure your family’s future. A $500,000 30-year guaranteed term life policy can be as little as $78.74 per month.  (This policy amount is based on a 35-year-old male.) Our recommended State Farm Insurance Agent, Tom Hindman, will be present to discuss life insurance policies. 
Homeowners’ Property Tax Exemption
Have you filed for your homeowners’ property tax exemptionOur title representative, Ronna Luna, will check to see if you have filed this exemption and give you the application to fill out if you have not already filed it. 

Current Vesting
What is your current vesting on your property?  We will send you a copy of your grant deed within 48 hours for you to confirm your current vesting on your property.  Ronna Luna, our title representative, will be providing you with some vesting information as well.

You cannot make sound decisions unless you are well informed.

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