The Brainshift ONLINE EVENTS: Post Holiday Sonic Tonic

The Brainshift ONLINE EVENTS: Post Holiday Sonic Tonic

 The Brainshift ONLINE EVENTS: Post Holiday Sonic Tonic Vocal Energy Activation for Manifestation        Jan 6, 2019 at 3PM ET

Are you ready for radical acceptance and ease in your life?

In these classes you will experience vocal sound techniques that shift your mind-body state to increase your ability to consciously create the life you desire

Some benefits of The Brainshift: Vocal Energy Activations* include

clearing stuck energy from thoughts, emotions and trauma

increasing vitality and health

discovering intuitive clarity

increasing confidence to take action

enhancing self-acceptance and compassion

Make sure you have a quiet, comfortable place to be for the class where you can sit, stand or lie down and feel free to make sound.  Dress in comfy clothing with nothing tight around your waist or chest.

Give yourself this time for yourself.

Once you register you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the online event.

I look forward to sharing Post Holiday Sonic Tonic with you soon!

*Vocal Energy Activations are musical-vocal dynamic meditation techniques that do not require any experience with music or singing