The Jazzy Branding Pop-Up Event

The Jazzy Branding Pop-Up Event

The Jazzy Branding Pop-Up Event is Happening May 15 in Colton. 

This is your opportunity to elevate your personal brand. Take it to the next level! That’s what jazzy branding is all about.

Whether it’s for LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, your head shot should be professional and reflect your brand. Selfies just don’t work. Likewise, a professional bio that powerfully describes you and differentiates you from the rest is a business MUST!

With the Jazzy Branding Pop-Up Event you get both! An eye-catching headshot and well-written bio.

The evening starts with photography, so please be on time. Come camera-ready!

We’ll do some networking. But then we’ll get down to business with a hands-on bio writing workshop. (Yes, bring your existing bio on a tablet or laptop). You’ll implement strategies for making your bio stand out.

We’ll wrap up with bio reviews.

By Friday, you’ll have winning bio you can be proud of and a jazzy new headshot (retouched and ready to go) so you can start posting online or in your marketing materials.

One Night, One Professional, Jazzy Branding Package.

Don’t wait. Space is limited so grab your spot now!

Photography provided by Michelle Smith Photography.