Turnkey Amazon Bootcamp

Turnkey Amazon Bootcamp


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Bootcamp Bound

At Turnkey Amazon Bootcamp, you will learn the technique and tools we developed and used over the last 6 years to get to the top 3% of Amazon sellers. When you arrive, be prepared to focus because there will be a ton of actionable info coming your way and a few of the more experienced sellers will immediately recognize the value we present. In fact, we are confident that just a few of our “secret sauce” strategies can easily 2x and beyond the results they have been getting using info from other “well-known” Amazon experts.

Bootcamp Takeaways:

  • Learn where to Direct Your Focus to hit $1 million in Amazon sales.

  • Discover the Real 80/20 of selling on Amazon.

  • Avoid the Hidden Landmines that stop 99% of Amazon sellers from going from zero to $1 million and beyond.

  • Access the Processes and Systems we’ve tested and implemented that built 8 Figure Amazon Businesses. We don’t waste time on theory or the basic ABC’s of selling on Amazon and we certainly don’t pad the curriculum with useless or outdated information.

  • Create an Amazon ATM that spits out money for you 24/7/365. We’ve been working on this for the past 6 years and will provide you the tools to build a verifiable cash machine.

What You Will Learn:

  • Pick winning products like Moneyball

Get the Secrets to picking winning products over 85% of the time. We have a proven track record of launching multiple products doing 6 to 7 figures per year in Profits and Not Sales! Stop throwing away money guessing on products that don’t sell. We’re going to reveal our exact formula and criteria with a LIVE DEMO of picking winners to sell. As an attendee, you get access to our templates to do a deep-dive analysis on competitors, market saturation, and price wars.

  • Master the Art of War in sourcing from China

Receive a step by step checklists to find new suppliers, improve product quality control, and fast-track product development from A to Z. We’re going to show you how to avoid being scammed, verify suppliers, and protect yourself from nightmare scenarios. Soon, you will be talking like a seasoned expert and communicate with confidence to get the best prices and product quality.

  • Learn to decipher Amazon’s algorithms

Drive your way to the top of PAGE ONE. Understand the psychology of Amazon shoppers to increase traffic and sales velocity. Feed Amazon’s algorithms the metrics that will get you ranked quickly. We’re going to reduce the learning curve to reveal everything we’ve learned from running hundreds of split tests on product titles, images, copy, and pricing.

  • Why we LOVE running Sponsored Products campaigns and why our competitors HATE IT.

Unleash the real power of sponsored product campaigns. Learn from one of the top Amazon PPC experts in the field. Our competitors think running ads is flushing money down the toilet but find out how we average 10-20% ACoS, get a 30%+ boost in sales from Amazon ads, and how Amazon rewards you. With all the FUD about Amazon ads out there, we unveil what truly works. Set up campaigns that helps you rank and neutralize your competition. Learn all the tricks we use to structure and optimize ad campaigns into the top 10%. We’ll show you how we utilize valuable data to give you an unfair advantage.

  • Get a fire hose of TOS Compliant VERIFIED product reviews

This is almost too dangerous to reveal but never again worry about getting verified reviews. Stop relying on launch services to get unverified reviews. We get a steady stream of verified reviews that is TOS compliant without giving away hundreds of units or chasing customers to leave reviews.

  • Tap into the closest thing to a Holy Grail for Amazon success

You can either buy your way to the top learning from successful Amazon sellers or spend years  testing and developing skills to match the pros. We’ve already made all of the mistakes for you and put in the hours to be in the top 1%. Be wise and spend money for knowledge that cuts years of time to reach your goals. The choice is yours.


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Access to our Private Vault of Resources

  • Product research templates to calculate costs and ROI. You can’t rely just on numbers from product research tools.

  • RFQ Template to avoid sending out amatuer quotation requests from suppliers. Be taken seriously and get better pricing.

  • Competitor Analysis Worksheet to pick products that will make you money 85% of the time.

  • Supplier Agreements to protect yourself from defects and supplier miscommunications

  • Purchase order (PO) templates

  • Packaging insert templates that convert at 20-30% to get reviews.

  • Gantt charts to keep you on schedule, prioritize tasks, and launch products without missing a step.

Free Your Mind

If you want to STOP being a Slave To The System, achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and Be Your Own Boss, you need to attend our bootcamp. Our Amazon Private Label Business has exceeded our expectations in every way. It has given us the financial freedom to travel and spend time with our family. It has provided the means and flexibility for our families to live anywhere in the world. It has allowed us to turn off the financial scarcity mindset and realize how much financial potential there is.

We cannot do the work for you but our bootcamp will provide all the tools you need to succeed on Amazon. By applying yourself towards building your private label brand, you are laying the foundation for making all your dreams come true. They say, the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Please have the courage to take that step with us to achieve the Financial Freedom you deserve.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins



Who should attend?

This is for Amazon sellers and digital marketing agencies looking to quickly scale to $1 million in sales.


What can I bring into the event?

Laptop and power supply. Jacket or sweater.


Will the day include meals?

Yes, a lunch and refreshments (coffee, tea, water) will be served throughout the day.


Dress Code

We do not have a dress code but business casual preferred.


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