Ventura County Farm Worker Housing Workshop

Ventura County Farm Worker Housing Workshop

Farm Bureau of Ventura County and House Farm Workers! to co-host farm worker housing workshop

Ventura County’s agricultural industry faces many challenges, but one of the most pressing is a persistent shortage of workers. Like their counterparts throughout the state, local farm employers are finding it increasingly difficult to hire and retain employees for every job category, from harvest crews to equipment operators and field supervisors.

In some of California’s growing regions, employers are increasingly developing farm worker housing as a way of stabilizing their work force and gaining an edge in competition over a limited labor pool. And although Ventura County is known as a difficult place to develop housing, provisions in state and county regulations make it easier than ever before for owners of agricultural land to develop farm worker housing of all types – from single-family homes to apartment complexes – on their property.

Agricultural landowners, labor contractors and employers are invited to a workshop on Friday, March 22, to learn more about the opportunities for such projects in Ventura County. Hosted by Farm Bureau of Ventura County and House Farm Workers!, the session will include presentations covering a number of topics, including the following:

  • A “how to” guide to the process of building housing on your land.

  • Introduction to the regulations allowing construct accessory dwelling units, including new pre-approved designs and blueprints.

  • Options permitted under current zoning and building codes for large housing complexes.

  • How the state’s employee housing act and other laws facilitate farm worker housing.

  • Package wastewater treatment options for projects located in areas not served by municipal sewer systems.

  • Project financing options.

  • Update on plans for a 300 – unit farm worker housing complex near Somis.